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The Eysenck Personality Profiler (EPP) is widely used in research and consultancy. In business, it is used as a selection and appraisal tool. It also has clinical applications.

The Eysenck Personality Profiler (EPP) measures 21 traits of personality that are consistent with the three major dimensions of personality as defined by Professor Hans Eysenck.

The questionnaire was developed by Professor Hans Eysenck and Dr Glenn Wilson.

The 21 traits are:

    • Extraversion: Activity, Sociability, Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Ambition, Dogmatism and Aggressivenes
    • Neuroticism: Inferiority, Unhappiness, Anxiety, Dependence, Hypochondria, Guilt and Obsessiveness
    • Psychoticism: Risk-taking, Impulsivity, Irresponsibility, Manipulativeness, Sensation-seeking, Tough-mindedness and Practicality
    • A Lie scale is also included

For more information about the structure see here and for a further article about the EPP see here.

For an article about use of the EPP with one particular occupational group see here.

The scales are available separately or as one questionnaire to suitably qualified people. A short version of the EPP is also available.

The internet version of the EPP:
* Administers 1 - 22 scales remotely
* Scores, graphs and provides written reports
* Has a management console to compare people with each other and against an ideal
* Rank orders people against the ideal

The desktop version of the EPP:
* Administers 1 - 22 scales * Scores, graphs and provides written reports
* Offers each scale as 6, 12 and 20 items
* Provides a translation in UK and US English, Spanish and Indonesian

The paper version of the EPP:
* Available as EPP and EPP (Short)
* Available in 6, 12 and 20 item versions per scale
* Available in UK and US English, Spanish, Farsi and Indonesian

* EPP (Short): Manual and questionnaire now also available in Italian

* Each scale is also available separately as 20 items

Try the EPP on-line here

For a list of most academic EPP references see here. Do note that there are now many other references in the literature about the EPP.

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