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The Learning Styles Profiler Software (LSP) is the computerised version of the evidence based Hybrid Model of Learning in Personality designed by Professor Chris J. Jackson.Twelve years of academic and applied organizational research have gone into the development of this instrument.

Explore and understand the implications of using an evidence based and theory driven model of learning

    Key Features

    • Available in different versions: online, intranet and as Windows Desktop
    • Based on a well-developed evidence based theory driven model of the neuropsychology of learning. The most important thing about the LSP is that it is based on the most up to date and validated biological theory of learning. There is simply no other learning styles questionnaire for business and education with such a good theoretical and design pedigree. Read the detailed and fully referenced section on the development of the LSP based on the neuropsychology of the brain and be reasssured by the sophisticated psychometric properties of the LSP which are also fully reported.
    • Diagnoses functional learners, dysfunctional learners as well as various other types of learning
    • Goes beyond the weaknesses of the learning cycle. The model of learning measures real psychological processes.
    • Sophisticated questionnaire design
    • Produces a tailored, useful and well-constructed self-development report
    • Designed for use within organizations, education, training, community and clinical use
    • Known reliability and validity: All the stats are clearly reported in the free manual!
    • 360 degree appraisals of learning available to account holders
    • Management options provide full flexibility of delivery
    • The free version is for personal use. Corporate and commercial use must be from a purchased account. Account holders are offered many more administrative functions. We can adapt the material as you need.

The Learning Styles Profiler is widely used around the world to assess and develop the way people learn at work. Now it is available as internet, intranet software and for the windows desktop which you are free to try in demonstration mode.

Give everyone the opportunity to become a more effective learner:

    • Encourage individuals to develop their learning potential
    • Identify their learning strengths
    • Find out how to make better use of these strengths
    • Choose appropriate learning activities
    • Provide information and feedback to trainers, managers, educators and clinicians
    • Easy to use software
    • Individual reports produced in seconds
    • Instant self-development advice
    • Compare results to professional norms
    • Clear graphical analysis

Typical Uses of the Learning Styles Profiler

    • developing a learning organisation in which staff adapt change & learn
    • developing individual learning plans for each member of staff
    • self-development for individuals
    • assessing suitability for specific training courses
    • training the trainer
    • team building, looking at team strengths & weaknesses
    • 360 degree appraisal

Intellectual Property

Remember, you must not develop any software incorporating or reproduce material from the learning styles profiler without prior written permission.

You may not use the paper version of the questionnaire without purchase or prior written approval.

More about the model

'The LSP is a sophisticated instrument in terms of its theory base and computerised format. Designed for use in business and education. The theoretical model and the LSP ... have promise for wider use and consequential refinement in organisational and educational contexts.' (p.29).

'It deserves to be widely studied' (p.56)

Coffield, F., Moseley, D., Hall, E., & Ecclestone, K. (2004). Should we be using learning styles. What research has to say to practice? Learning and Skills Research Centre

'Jackson's theoretical stance is not rigid, and it is noteworthy that he does not see a problem in acknowledging that learning styles are influenced to varying degrees by biology as well as by experience and conscious control. By encouraging self-awareness about preferences, behaviour and beliefs, Jackson is promoting a positive attitude to personal development. It is possible that this approach will prove more fruitful in organisational psychology, education and training than the many existing commercial applications which rely on theories of fixed personality
traits'. (p.58)

'There is a positive emphasis in the computer-generated recommendations for personal development which result from completing the questionnaire. The feedback is very detailed and contains suggestions for building on strengths, dealing with challenging situations and remedying maladaptive learning.' (p.58)

Coffield, F., Moseley, D., Hall, E., & Ecclestone, K. (2004). Learning styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning? Learning and Skills Research Centre

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